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Should the Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo?

Will Boston deal Rondo this offseason too?

So far this offseason the Celtics have began a serious roster overhaul, starting with the deal sending Doc Rivers to the Clippers for a 2015 first round pick, and was kicked into high gear Danny Ainge sent Celtic legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett along with Jason Terry to Brooklyn for a plethora of players and picks. With Boston in obvious rebuilding mode, there have been questions swirling around the status of injured star point guard Rajon Rondo.

Danny Ainge claims he is not interested in dealing Rondo, and plans to rebuild around him as a centerpiece of the team. He says although teams are calling about every player on the roster, he is not actively pursuing a Rondo trade even though rumors circulated in the passed few days about Dallas and Boston working on a deal.

Regardless of what Ainge says, I'm sure he would be willing to negotiate if he was offered something intriguing enough. But before anything does or does not happen fans and Ainge alike should ask themselves: Should Boston trade Rondo? I say yes.

Rondo has been my favorite player on the team for a while now with his dazzling dribbling and precision passes. He has more than proved himself as a big time playoff performer, and has earned the respect of many Celtic legends with his hustle and toughness come playoff time.

However, Rondo was recently quoted as saying he would only want to play for Doc Rivers, and that is no longer a possibility. Even though Rondo liked Doc as a coach, they had clashed multiple times during their time together in Boston, and Rondo's stubbornness and attitude are supposedly one of the reasons why Ray Allen bolted to Miami in the summer of 2012.

With a new coach coming in, and Boston obviously trying to position themselves for a prime draft pick in the loaded 2014 draft, I don't see Rondo giving it his all this season. Why would he want to play for a team who is tanking this year and looking to build for the future?

Although I would love to see the Celtics build around Rondo, they should be able to get a haul for him in a fair trade. Regardless of his injury, he is a top 5 point guard in the NBA, and his shooting (his only glaring weakness) has slowly been improving each year. Should Boston trade him, they should receive multiple first round picks and/or young assets to continue to build around. Plus, Rondo would be given a chance to play for a contender where he would be motivated to bring his A-game night in and night out. It would be a win-win for whoever Boston traded with.

Rondo is a polarizing athlete in Boston and would bring that with him if he was ever dealt. It is a tough decision for Danny Ainge to make, but I think it would be beneficial to the team and would complete the roster tear down. If the Celtics trade Rondo they would able to officially start building again from the ground up, and they could always spin the multiple first round picks and young assets in a trade for another star(s) like they did in 2007, right?