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Doc Rivers Drama Continues

Will Doc Rivers be manning the sidelines in Boston next season?

It has been almost a week since the Doc Rivers to the Clippers rumors began to swirl, and still nothing is quite settled. Doc still has 3 years and $21 million remaining on his contract he signed two years ago with Boston, yet all the speculation seems to point towards him finding any way out of it he can, even if that means sitting out the remaining years and finding a job in the broadcast booth. 

Now I'm as big a fan of Doc as anyone, and without him I do not think the Celtics would have won a championship the first year Danny Ainge brought Ray Allen and KG to town without him. However, this whole seems to be extremely "un-Doc-like". Throughout his tenure in Boston, Doc has consistently preached about loyalty. It was one of the main reasons he was able to recruit Jason Terry and other free agents to come wear green. He exemplified his loyalty by signing a five-year deal, committing himself to the rebuilding efforts everyone knew was coming. Yet two years into that contract, he apparently wants out.

We can all understand that no coach wants to endure multiple losing seasons or end up in NBA purgatory (not good enough to contend for a title, not bad enough for a top pick in the draft: see Atlanta Hawks) but Doc has already brought the Celtics back from the depths once, why not be apart of that again?

Obviously the thought of coaching a team with the core of Chris Paul, Blake Griffen, and possibly Dwight Howard can be salivating for anyone, especially if he is allowed to bring along KG or PP with him, but he signed a contract, and should stick to it.

If this deal does not come to fruition and Doc is pacing the sidelines in the TD Garden again it will be very interesting to see how the players respond to him. After all, who wants to be led by someone who was trying to get out of town only months before.

Whether Doc is in LA or Boston next year remains to be seen, but Celtics fans must ask themselves if they really want to be led by someone who isn't invested in them 100%.

Would it be better to have a combination of Caron Butler, DeAndre Jordan, draft picks, and maybe Eric Bledsoe without the engine that has driven the Celtics for the passed 6 years in KG, Doc, and possibly PP? Or is it better for the veterans to play out their deals with a coach who does not really want to be there, and prepare for a massive rebuilding era?