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Boston's Deal for Peavy Solidifies Contender Status in AL

Jake Peavy will presumably take the mound for the first time in Boston on Saturday

Late last night, the Boston Red Sox completed a blockbuster deal with the Chicago White Sox for starter Jake Peavy that culminated rather quickly. More than s few eyebrows were raised when Jose Iglesias was pulled from the game for a defensive replacement, as he is already one of the best defensive shortstops in the game. Speculation quickly spread like wildfire when Jackie Bradley Jr. was pulled from his game in Pawtucket in the 6th, but that was just because of arm soreness.

However, news came that Iglesias would be headed to the Detroit Tigers in a 3-team deal that ultimately netted Peavy for the Sox. Peavy brings a bulldog mindset to Boston that should quickly endear him to his coaches, teammates, and fans. He may not be the 2007 Cy Young award winner that he once was, but he still has good stuff, and has a thirst for postseason competition. Although this move creates a potential logjam in the rotation if/when Clay Buchholz comes back, I like the move.

I know yesterday I wrote that the Red Sox should just focus on minor deals to improve the team at the deadline, but any deal should always be considered depending on the asking price. I think Boston paid a fair price for Peavy, and Iglesias will not be missed for long. Yes, his fielding ability has been compared numerous times to 11-time Gold Glove winner Omar Vizquel, but his hitting is nowhere close to that level. If Iglesias could come in and field the way we all know he can and be a .275 hitter then that would be acceptable, but I don't see that happening. I know is currently hitting .330 and his average was much higher earlier in the season, but he is a career .260 hitter in the minors, and is hovering near the Mendoza line this month (.205). I just don't see how Iglesias could have maintained an average over .250-.260 over the course of an entire season.

Plus, every notion says that Xander Bogaerts will arrive in Boston at some point this year and he is the shortstop of the future, with or without Iglesias. The 20-year-old has skyrocketed through the minor leagues and is still tearing it up in AAA. He has a rare combination of power, average, and speed and could finally be the long-term shortstop Boston has so desperately looked for since dealing Nomar.

As for how Boston's outlook is for the rest of this year, I would say it's pretty promising. They needed another arm in the rotation to compete with the Ray's stellar staff, and Peavy brings a great pedigree with him to Boston. Him, along with Lackey, Lester, and hopefully Buchholz could be a formidable postseason lineup for games 1-4 in a series. I can't wait to see Peavy take the mound in a Red Sox uniform for the first time.