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Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett Introduced in Brooklyn

It will be difficult to see Pierce and Garnett not wearing green in the upcoming season

The whole situation still seems surreal. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are supposed to finish off their decorated careers in Boston. Leaving behind the green on their own terms and one day seeing 34 and 5 raised to the rafters after bringing a championship and countless memories to Celtics fans everywhere.  

Only in today's NBA it is rare for aging superstars to finish their career with the same team they flourished on for years. Exec's and coaches are given a short leash and if they do not bring success after 2 or 3 seasons, they are usually shown the door. Celtics fans understand that after the early 2000's were a dark time for the team. But seeing Pierce and Garnett in Brooklyn is still hard to swallow.

The deal was the right thing for both players and team. The Celtics get draft picks and a few young assets to aid the rebuilding process, while KG and Pierce get to have one last run at a title. It remains to be seen if this trade will be beneficial to either party, but it still was necessary. 

While watching the introductory press conference yesterday, one thing was clear to me. Although he said all of the right things and put on a smile for the media, Pierce did not want to be a Net. From the tone and words of his first answer to the media, it was obvious he still yearned for Celtic green. In this day and age, it is not often stars can play their entire career with one team. Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Dirk Nowitzki are a few in the twilight of their careers to do so. I'm sure Pierce wanted to be in that category as well. 

Pierce obviously has nothing but fond memories of Boston which was made apparent by his multi-hour #THANKYOUBOSTON tweeting spree where he tweeted countless photos of great moments of him in green. KG did not want to leave Boston either. According to NESN, it took a 2-hour phone conversation between the two former Boston stars to convince Garnett to waive his no trade clause to leave mate Rajon Rondo play for Brooklyn.

When Doc Rivers was sent to Los Angeles, the writing was on the walls for for aging stars. They both knew their time in Boston was likely coming to a close, yet it is still hard to imagine. Seeing both of them in white and black will be an even harder pill to swallow come the start of the season. It still hasn't hit me yet that they will not be coming to the Garden nightly for Boston. To me, Kevin Garnett and especially Paul Pierce, will always be Celtics.